For us, every project is unique. Just like every customer is unique. We always listen carefully to your requests and needs. With your company in mind, we bring the idea to life. We help you make relevant decisions through innovative proposals and targeted suggestions and we implement the project with our proven experience and professional skills.

We develop your specific concept by customizing aesthetic and functional elements. Seeing that you identify yourself in our project and that we can leave a mark on your target audience is what matters most to us.



The relationship with our customer comes first.

We aim to establish with you a successful partnership, based on a rational approach and on empathy.

So that you can rely on us in the long term – like in all the best stories.





It takes a lot of passion to do your job well every day, for more than 35 years. And it takes a lot of creativity to keep on doing it in an original and innovative way. Our internal Creativity and Design Division and the professional designers with whom we collaborate keep constantly up to date about the latest trends in the design field.

As a result, they will always be able to propose you cutting-edge solutions. For impactful installations, we use state of the art multimedia technologies, audio and visual equipment. Through the careful design of the lighting system, we can improve the impact of your stand. Furthermore, we provide added value by creating a unique and distinctive concept in which you can fully identify yourself.


Search for the most suitable materials. Study of every construction detail.
Precise calculation of all elements. Top quality of finishes.

Reliable execution.

Compliance with deadlines.

By cooperating closely with you from the design stage through project implementation to final delivery, we can meet all your needs, whether you have to present an institution or a product.



For us, every new project is more than just building an exhibition stand. It is about creating an image – the image of your company, to which we give shape by conveying your values with accuracy, by interpreting them with respect and passion, by embodying them with harmony and creativity. For visitors, emotion becomes tangible. For an experience to enjoy, remember and talk about.

How do we do this? Through research and innovation, know-how and professional competence. We design and create cutting-edge solutions by using the most advanced design, fabrication and communication technologies, to best engage visitors through sounds, lights, colors and special effects. Our processes have proven to be effective over time and around the world. This makes us a reliable partner, which can help any company achieve success.


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