Internationalization is part of the mission of DUMAS. With determination and entrepreneurial spirit, we have decided to export our know-how to the United States, where we have founded the company INT.EX. LLC.

Thanks to our 1,000-sqm headquarters in Las Vegas, we can now offer our customers who are interested in the American market the high-quality services they are used to.

Our presence in the United States allows us to respond and act quickly, using the material stored on site. This grants our customers some important advantages, such as the elimination of major delivery costs and the possibility of maintaining their image and concept, without having to adopt anonymous, “ready-to-use” solutions.

Customers who choose INT. EX. LLC for their installations in the United States can also benefit from our support for all necessary bureaucratic procedures.

Furthermore, with our distinctive creativity and high-quality services, INT. EX. LLC is the best choice for US companies which seek to create beautiful, Italian-style installations.

Dumas in the USA